• Taylor Keller

The Analogue Revolution

Modern cars are becoming more and more desensitized. Mechanical parts like manual transmissions, cable-operated throttle bodies, and hydraulic steering are being replaced by more and more computers, leaving the driving experience numb and boring.

At Keller Motors, we see cars differently. Our engineers don’t focus on 0-60 numbers and convoluted computer aids. Instead, we focus on the driving experience. We believe that the driver knows what they want more than the manufacturer, so we are on a mission to produce cars that put you in control of your drive. The result is a line of cars that are raw, challenging, rewarding, and above all else, exciting!

Remember the scene in “Ford vs Ferrari” where they’re testing the GT? Ken Miles brings the car in and says “let’s get all this junk out!” An engineer then begins pulling the entire computer system out as a Ford employee asks “what are they doing?”, to which Caroll Shelby replies “making your car faster.” That’s exactly what we do.

If there’s a computer system that isn’t absolutely vital to the driving experience, it doesn’t go in our cars. We offer basic traction control and other simple systems to allow users to have a safety net while they learn the car, but it’s kept at a minimum. We use a modern but simple ECU and in total, we use about 10% of the amount of wiring and computing power of anything our competitors offer. Instead, we rely on our customers providing their own ultra-efficient supercomputer: the human brain.

Next, we look to the interior. Using the philosophy of K.I.S.S., we looked at conventional instrument clusters and couldn’t figure out what problem digital displays solved. As a result, the only screen we supply is a rear-view camera when a back window isn’t available. For GPS, radio, and other amenities, we have a unique system that allows you to use your phone in place of expensive and redundant infotainment systems. This allows the car to stay up-to-date, without ever requiring it’s own software update or hardware upgrade. Call us crazy, but we don’t think your car should have access to your emails and address book.

We can’t yet reveal much about the design, but I can tell you that it’s miles away from the norm of styling cars based on a computer mouse. We look to timeless motorsport designs for inspiration to create radical new designs that are as elegant as they are aggressive. Expect an abundance of wings, scoops, vents, and very low driving positions.

Let’s talk about arguably the most important part of a sports car: the gearbox. The first thing that inspired me to build this company many years ago, was the realization that manuals are dying. Almost every exotic car is only available with paddles, and it’s not getting any better as time goes on - until now. All Keller cars will require the driver to change gears 100% of the time. We offer 3 choices on all models: traditional h-pattern, sequential dogbox, and for customers who aren’t comfortable with a clutch, we will offer a paddle-shifted setup, but will disable the computer’s ability to change gear on its own. FDR once said “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, and we apply that principle to our cars thoroughly by pushing drivers to grow their skills behind the wheel every day.

Last but not least of our key components is, of course, the engine. We use premium, reliable Nissan/Nismo engines (VR38 and VK56) with aggressive tuning. We don’t tune our engines to be perfectly engineered lumps of wires in a cramped engine bay. Rather, we tune our engines to celebrate their characteristics, make a great noise, and be easily serviceable. Our turbo-charged engines are boost-monsters, with all the power coming in around 4k RPM. These engines are for people who love feeling the boost surge, rather than trying to use electronic gizmos to augment the power curve. If you don’t like boost, fret not! Nissan’s VK56 is a fantastic V8 engine that offers plenty of low-end torque. We offer a natural-aspirated or supercharged option (TBD) for customers who prefer a smoother powerband. You don’t need a PhD to service our cars either; the Nissan engines are fantastically reliable and simple, so if anything goes wrong it’ll be easy to find parts and install them.

We are committed to making the most incredible analogue supercars and sports car in the world. Cars that are challenging, rewarding, engaging, raw, emotional, and above all else, relentlessly fun. We believe more cars should be like this, and cars like this should be used more often. We want to have fun every time I get in the driver’s seat, and we hope you do too. Join us as we build the antidote to boring cars, and let’s show the world how exciting driving can be!

This is my vision. This is the analogue revolution!

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